The Wigan Warriors Miscellany por Ewan Phillips

The Wigan Warriors Miscellany por Ewan Phillips

Titulo del libro : The Wigan Warriors Miscellany
Autor : Ewan Phillips

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Ewan Phillips con The Wigan Warriors Miscellany

The Wigan Warriors Miscellany is the definitive set text for every fan of the world famous cherry and whites. packed with facts, fun, gossip, nostalgia and conjecture, it looks back over 138 years of glorious history to celebrate the personalities, victories and controversies of the sport’s biggest name.Handily pocket-sized to pull out in the middle of those pub arguments over who was the fastest, dirtiest or biggest, this book will not only tell you who scored the most tries, kicked the most goals or won the most trophies, but also who earned the most red cards, did best on Every Second Counts and broke cricketer David Boon’s record for beer consumption on a flight to Australia. Put down your pie and pick up a copy.

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