Plymouth Argyle Miscellany por Rick Cowdery

Plymouth Argyle Miscellany por Rick Cowdery

Titulo del libro : Plymouth Argyle Miscellany
Autor : Rick Cowdery

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Rick Cowdery con Plymouth Argyle Miscellany

Críticas ""This book is a must-read for any Argyle fan, new or old, senior Green or junior Pilgrim. It's entertaining and informative, and is difficult to put down. If only history had been this interesting at school."" --Mark Stevens, Sports Editor, Western Morning News Reseña del editor Plymouth Argyle Miscellany collects together all the vital information you never knew you needed to know about the Pilgrims. In these pages you will find irresistible anecdotes and the most mindblowing stats and facts. Heard the one about the 90-year-old director who was registered as a squad member? How about the two London-born midfielders called Lee Hodges who both played for the club? Or the penalty kick that ended up in the hippo pen at Plymouth Zoo, Home Park's 70s neighbour? Do you know which Greens forward let young children swing from his outstretched arms? Which Pilgrim became a saint by saving a baby from drowning? Or how long Sean McCarthy wore his undergarments before celebrating his 200th goal? All these stories and hundreds more appear in a brilliantly researched collection of trivia - essential for any fan who holds the riches of green-and-white history close to their heart. Ver Descripción del producto

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